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Like any machine cranes and hoists consist of many moving parts. With over 100 years’ experience all over the world, Konecranes’ parts and lifting accessories have evolved to be highly technologically advanced and to suit various industries and different environments.

Konecranes Southern Africa has produced a comprehensive 80 page catalogue under the name ‘Konecranes PLUS’, listing a wide range of lifting products, systems, components and accessories.

They range from manual products to electric workstation hoists, with trolleys, power feeding lines, and chain blocks in between. Shackles, eyebolts, turnbuckles, various slings and wire ropes as well as clamps and binders are also listed. Detailed charts allow for determining the exact type of component required.

“Safety is paramount at Konecranes at all times”, says John MacDonald, Service, Sales and Marketing Director for Konecranes Southern Africa. “Especially in Southern Africa we often work in very demanding and harsh conditions and in hazardous environments. One faulty component can cause costly down time or an injury. Our innovative designs and ergonomic features help to ensure that operators can rely on their equipment – and go home safely at the end of their shift.”

Contact the local branch in Port Elizabeth on 041 367 1603 or Kevin 076 051 5553  or [email protected].

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